About Josyane Colwell

Josyane Colwell
Owner and Executive Chef

Josyane Colwell established Le Moulin Catering in 1991. Her culinary creativity and organizational and planning skills have brought her international recognition. She has over 30 years of experience catering for the finest affairs in the region as well as serving diplomats and politicians in Washington, DC. Born in the south of France her passion for using the freshest, most natural ingredients stems from her days of shopping in the markets in Nice where the produce, fish, meats and poultry, and flowers were all sourced not far from the markets themselves. For Josyane, the best meals are those prepared where the food source is not far from the kitchen. Menus sourced from seasonal ingredients, plates that replicate nature through presentation are the basis for Josyane’s cooking style. To Josyane, cooking is part of giving, it comes from the heart, it’s not a job. Food is nature, it should be healthy and organic, and along with imagination, creativity and beauty, this is the soul of Le Moulin Catering.